“Why NRI”, with J Coates (HGV Services) Ltd

National Register of LGV Instructors (NRI) recently had a good chat with Chris Ashford, Operations Director from J Coates (HGV Services) Ltd, in Leicester to see why they continue to renew their NRI membership.

J Coates (HGV Services) Ltd has been an approved NRI centre since 2017.

Why do you continue to renew each year? “Recognition and more and more contracts required some form of accreditation.”

What do you get out of NRI accreditation? “Support in continuing to promote safer driving and standards of commercial vehicle drivers alongside DVSA, RHA & Logistic UK.”

What do your Instructors think of NRI membership? “Mainly that it’s another qualification that they can add onto their CV’s.”

What do your candidates/delegates think of your NRI membership? “A lot of good responses knowing that their Instructor has been through a training programme to get qualified to deliver LGV/PCV training both on the road and in the classroom.”

What is your relationship like with NRI? “Great rapport with all the staff past and present – keep the good work up!”