NRI Instructors

NRI-registered LGV instructors wishing to use this new legislation offer AFV training should follow the guidance below. The diagram below summarises the training and certification process. The ‘NRI Instructor’ may be an individual LGV instructor who is on the NRI or a driver training company who employs NRI-registered LGV instructors.

All NRI-registered LGV instructors are permitted to offer AFV training. It is not a requirement of registration to offer AFV training.  NRI-registered instructors are able to develop AFV training to meet the needs of their customers, be they employers or individual drivers. The fee for the training is a matter of commercial negotiation between the parties.


Details of the training syllabus are found in:

The syllabus outlines what should be included in the training and what the expected learning outcomes will be. The training must include vehicle handling techniques when driving a loaded alternative fuelled vehicle, refuelling alternative fuel types and the safe loading of alternative fuelled vehicles.  The syllabus is flexible so instructors are able to tailor training to the needs of the specific AFV fleet and the duties of AFV drivers.


Once training is complete, instructors send the following information to NRI.

  • Date training undertaken
  • Driving licence number of driver and ID has been verified
  • Name of trained driver
  • Address where the certificate should be sent
  • Confirmation whether the driver consents for the training register to share data about their completion of the training with relevant third parties

Payment for Certificates and ID Cards

Certificates are sent directly by NRI to an address specified by a driver. In the event a certificate or ID card is lost or stolen, NRI issue a replacement to the driver. Replacement certificate or ID card costs. 

  • Certificate – £12.50 (excluding VAT)
  • ID card – £12.50 (excluding VAT)
  • Certificate and ID card – £25.00 (excluding VAT)