NRI Trailer Training Accreditation Service (TTAS)

NRI TTAS is based on the published DVSA B+E training syllabus

  • Session 1 Preparing the vehicle, trailer, and its contents for daily use
  • Session 2 Driving the vehicle, whilst towing
  • Session 3 Reversing with the trailer, uncoupling, and coupling
  • Session 4 Driving safely and efficiently


TTAS is external QA that tells your customers and their employers that:

  • Your training covers the syllabus
  • You have suitable towing vehicles and trailers (or client uses their own)
  • You have an off-road space for training
  • Your B+E trainers are professionally qualified and knowledgeable
  • Your (optional) ‘end point’ assessments are to DVSA standard (equivalent to what DVSA did)

NRI Accreditation means you can:

  • Issue your own certificates of training with NRI and DVSA Recognised logos
  • Issue ‘test pass’ certificates with NRI and DVSA Recognised logos
  • You share candidate information (age, gender, driving licence number) for each candidate trained under NRI accreditation, to NRI for monitoring and auditing purposes.


TTAS ensures that B+E trainers have instructional ability combined with up to date B+E knowledge.

  • Existing members of NRI, NVDIR, ADI and holders of CTLLS/CET, PTLLS/AET, and DTLLS/DET are recognised as being qualified to train.
  • Trainers without these must take the online NRI Instructional Theory Examination
  • All trainers must take the online NRI B+E knowledge test


NRI Centre Accreditation

Download the approval criteria and return the application form. We’ll then conduct a desk-based approval audit and you’ll have a remote audit annually.

NRI B+E Instructors

Download the application form and either tell us about your existing qualifications or take the online NRI Instructional Theory Examination. You’ll then join the register and get an NRI card valid for 5 years.


Current accredited NRI examination centres (for LGV Instruction or LGV Assessment)

  • Pay a one-off £65+VAT to add NRI TTAS centre accreditation. It is then £0+VAT (free) per year to retain your B+E approval, including auditing.

Organisations who are not already with NRI

  • The initial accreditation fee is £575+VAT. This covers the initial audit and the audit at the end of year one.
  • The annual fee is 285+VAT per year. This covers all sites on which you operate.

If you subsequently take on other NRI categories (i.e. LGV Instruction or LGV Assessment), B+E will be included free of charge, including auditing.


  • NRI B+E On-line Theory Test is 80+VAT per instructor and includes 5 year registration on NRI for successful candidates.
  • NRI Instructional Theory Examination (if required) is £110+VAT.