NRI Trailer Training Accreditation Service (TTAS)


To ensure that those delivering training and/or assessment to Category BE licence holders, TTAS supports employers with fleet of trailer user to confidently select reliable training providers that deliver to high, national standards. Find accredited centres in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The process for becoming an accredited centre is straight forward and takes into account the DVSA BE training syllabus for the training and assessment. Download the syllabus.

Centre accreditation for BE training and assessment tells your customers and their employers that:

  • Your training covers the syllabus
  • You have suitable towing vehicles and trailers (or client uses their own)
  • You have an off-road space for training
  • Your BE trainers are professionally qualified and knowledgeable
  • Your assessments are to DVSA standards

The investment to become an accredited centre is £575+VAT in year one, which includes your pre-approval audit and first annual audit. It is then £285+VAT per year per site to retain your approval, including your annual audits.

To add the BE accreditation to current NRI Exam Centre membership, the investment is a one-off fee of £65+VAT.

Download the Approval Criteria.            Download the Application Form.