The National Register of LGV Instructors (NRI) has been formally recognised as an accrediting body for the new Trailer Training Accreditation Scheme (TTAS) launched by DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency).

The new scheme is aimed at organisations and Instructors conducting Category B+E licence training and/or assessment. It has been launched to provide professional training which follows the DVSA’s national syllabus for car and trailer towing. This seeks to raise training standards for drivers who are new to towing, or have existing experience.

It will support employers with fleets of trailer users to confidently select reliable training providers that deliver to high, national standards. This supports compliance with health and safety legislation.

In addition, TTAS enables private individuals who may tow for domestic or leisure reasons, to identify and complete trusted B+E training. By using an accredited provider, they will receive training that meets the national standard. In turn, reducing risks to themselves, their family, and other road users.

“For training centres, gaining the independent validation of the NRI TTAS shows customers and their employers that the trailer training they deliver covers the DVSA syllabus,” says Steven Schmidt, NRI Manager. “It helps prove that their B+E trainers are professionally qualified and knowledgeable and demonstrates that the training meets the NRI’s own industry-leading standards.”

The new car and trailer training syllabus is designed to help the accrediting bodies ensure consistent training standards. To help improve road safety, it covers topics such as preparing the vehicle, trailer, and its contents for daily use, and reversing, coupling, and uncoupling. There are also sessions on how to drive safely and efficiently, in accordance with the Highway Code and other regulations.

This syllabus is designed to give employers the peace of mind that their drivers have the skills, knowledge, and understanding they need to tow trailers responsibly.

For B+E Instructors, there are also benefits to TTAS accreditation via the NRI. It demonstrates that they have a high standard of instructional ability, combined with up-to-date and relevant knowledge. The NRI website also includes details of NRI TTAS Accredited trainers, so that drivers and employers can easily identify and contact them as expert trailer training providers.

To become an NRI TTAS training centre, businesses may be an existing NRI examination centre, or can apply to join the NRI via an online application, followed by a desk-based approval audit. To maintain standards, remote audits take place annually. Centres must use NRI TTAS qualified Instructors.

NRI TTAS centres are authorised to issue their own candidates’ certificates that include the NRI and UK Government logos. Demographic and licence information for each candidate trained can also be shared with NRI for monitoring and auditing purposes.

To become an NRI TTAS Instructor, trainers must be recognised as being competent to deliver B+E training to the TTAS standards. This is assessed through a combination of previous driving Instructor qualification/s and the NRI’s online B+E test. Those with no current NRI qualification but with relevant instructional or training experience must also complete the NRI Instructional Theory Examination.

Once applicants have successfully passed these examinations, they are registered with the NRI as a B+E Instructor and receive an NRI Certificate to prove their status. Registration lasts for 5 years.

Costs to become an NRI TTAS centre start from £65+VAT for existing NRI members. The NRI B+E theory test costs from £80+VAT per Instructor, including five-year registration for successful candidates.

Fees for non-NRI members to become a TTAS centre begin at £575+VAT for the first year of accreditation. From the second year, the cost is from £285+VAT for all sites they operate.

NRI is one of three organisations that have been formally recognised by DVSA for the TTAS.

Visit for NRI TTAS eligibility criteria, to apply, or to learn more. Or call the NRI Manager on +44 (0) 1952 520210.