With the continued national restrictions on travel and face-to-face training, NRI Instructors are reminded that DVSA continues to approve the remote delivery of the NRI AFV training course.  This means that NRI Instructors can continue to offer AFV training without the risks associated with face-to-face delivery.  With the importance of having all available capacity in the delivery sector and many new delivery drivers being recruited, this enables newly recruited team members to drive AFVs under the 3.5-tonne derogation.

The NRI training materials which registered Instructors are able to purchase, comprises a PowerPoint presentation that is fully compliant with the DVSA/OLEV syllabus and can be delivered using any interactive platform to groups of drivers in a meeting room or training room with appropriate ICT facilities.  This brings no additional costs for an NRI instructor who has already purchased the PowerPoint set from NRI for use in classroom training.

During the current restrictions, the NRI team are working from home, therefore, should you wish to purchase the PowerPoint presentation, please contact a member of the team on 07933 825933.