Driver CPC Instructor Register

Registered Driver CPC Instructors demonstrate commitment to high-quality, professional Driver CPC training.

Only Instructors that have achieved the sought-after National Register of Driver CPC Instructors qualification can join the register, as this proves they are competent to deliver high quality, professional Driver CPC classroom instruction to LGV and PCV drivers.

Many UK businesses look for this qualification when employing Driver CPC Instructors or engaging with training providers.

DVSA and DVSA Training Accreditation Team have worked with NRI to set out the standards of knowledge and classroom instructional ability required of a Driver CPC Instructor. These are aligned to DVSA’s national standards for LGV and PCV driving.


The only DVSA Endorsed
Driver CPC Instructor Register

Sarah Brown, Manager

Professional development for CPC Instructors


“We encourage all practicing Driver CPC Instructors to join the register and benefit from this professional qualification. After a short series of examinations over one day, they could successfully join the register, proving their skill and knowledge to deliver Driver CPC Periodic Training. This gives them the recognition they deserve and opens up career opportunities.” Sarah Brown, NRI Manager.

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To join the National Register of Driver CPC Instructors you need to pass the two-part examination at an approved exam centre. There are two ways of doing this:


An experienced Driver CPC Instructor can join the NRI directly by taking the two part examination detailed below. You will need to select a NRI approved examination centre local to you to take your examination. They can be found here. In addition to the examination fee, you may need to pay an examination centre fee* to reflect the use of their facilities.

*some examination centres may charge an administration fee for examinations. The fee shown is the NRI charge to the exam centre for a 2-part examination for one person.


You may want to do training before taking your 2-part examination. Even if you are a very experienced classroom instructor, you may find training helpful as preparation for the examination process, especially if you haven’t been examined or assessed recently.

There is no scheme governing this training or the content, so it is important you ask your chosen training provider about their pass rates, standards and processes. You can chose a training provider who is also an NRI approved examination centre as this may be more convenient for you, but this is not a requirement.


The fees shown below are the NRI charge to the exam centre for a 2-part examination for one person. Exam centres may charge an administration fee.



Examination (up to 3 candidates)

£595.00 + VAT

Examination (up to 4 candidates)

£685.00 + VAT

Examination (up to 5 candidates)

£855.00 + VAT

Examination (up to 6 candidates)

£1025.00 + VAT

Registration (5 Years)

£77.00 + VAT

Online theory re-examination

£120.00 + VAT


For each part of the examination there is guidance material available. This includes marking details or examples of role-play scenarios you will encounter in the NRI examination.  We recommend that you read this information and consider whether you will need training before taking the examination.


The theory examination comprises of 70 multiple choice questions for which 75 minutes is available. It covers Instructional techniques, Driving Legislation, Highway Code, and Eco-safe Driving. The overall pass mark is 85% and you also need to achieve a minimum of 80% in each of the 4 subject areas.

Download our theory exam guidance now.


The classroom instruction examination lasts 30 minutes and consists of delivery of a pre-prepared classroom-based lesson on a subject pre-allocated from a bank of 8 topics. The examiner takes the role of the driver attending a Driver CPC Periodic Training course. A total of 120 marks can be gained and the pass mark is 84/120 (70%).

Upon successful completion of the examination you will finalise your registration on the NRI by filling out a registration form and agreeing the terms and conditions, before submitting it for approval.

Download the in-class lessons now.


The National Register of Instructors (NRI) is the only Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) endorsed Instructor register developed by the industry for the industry. There are currently 560 Instructors and Assessors on the National Register.

The not-for-profit Register is operated by RTITB and supported by Logistics UK and the Road Haulage Association (RHA). All of whom sit on the governance committee and oversee the standards and future development of the Register. The NRI also issues AFV training certification to drivers, as well as supporting those delivering training and/or assessment to Category B+E licence holders.

The objective of the register is to agree and maintain a set of standards for the skills and underpinning knowledge required to be an effective LGV instructor. The register helps to improve the standard of LGV instruction available with the aim to increase the number of registered LGV instructors.