New LGV Assessor Qualification from NRI

The National Register of LGV Instructors (NRI) has launched the first nationally recognised LGV Assessor qualification, acknowledging skill and providing new professional development opportunities.

The new qualification, which has been rolled out since May 2019, enables successful candidates to join the NRI’s LGV Assessor Register for 5 years. On qualifying, they are issued with an LGV Assessor ID card and added to the online register at the NRI website.

So far, more than 20 people have joined the NRI LGV Assessor register, and the NRI is seeing a continually high level of enquiries regarding the new Assessor examination. Carlisle-based SP Training trained one of the first assessors to be examined and qualify for their NRI Assessor card – Dave Stones of Yodel.

“It’s important that there is consistency across assessment and marking and providing standardisation that is transferrable across the industry will improve efficiency,” says Tony Higgins, Managing Director for SP Training. “One of SP Training’s key objectives is to help companies meet consistent safety standards so we welcome the Assessor qualification and the benefits it will bring to both individual operators and the industry as a whole.”

An LGV Assessor is typically responsible for conducting LGV driver assessments and monitoring driver performance. Assessments can be conducted for numerous reasons, such as following an incident, an extended period of leave or evaluating driver skills prior to offering employment. Assessors cannot conduct driver training or examinations and are often former, or current, LGV drivers on route to becoming an LGV Instructor.

“Before now, there was no formal recognition for the important role of LGV Assessor,” says Dave Cox, NRI Manager. “Although this is something brand new to the industry, it has already received a warm welcome as businesses want to ensure that those responsible for assessing LGV drivers are independently and professionally qualified.”

On joining the register, Assessors have access to free technical advice, exclusive professional development opportunities and discounts on selected products and services from NRI partner organisations. The qualification also enables Assessors to prove to employers that they have been independently examined, achieved the required levels of skill and knowledge and are committed to upholding high quality LGV driver assessment standards.

The addition of the new register means that two types of NRI membership are currently available – Assessor and Instructor, with a third category expected to be launched later in 2019. The DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency), which endorses the NRI and has helped guide its development since launching in 2017, has welcomed the expansion of the examination process and register.

“DVSA shares the NRI’s mission to promote higher standards of LGV instruction, assessment and mentoring,” says Mark Winn, DVSA’s Chief Driving Examiner.

“DVSA’s priority is to help everyone through a lifetime of safe driving. By providing the haulage industry with a workforce of independently examined and registered driver instructors, NRI will help increase the competence of professional lorry drivers,” he continues. “The higher the standard of LGV instruction, assessment and mentoring, the better drivers will be and the safer our roads will be.”

The NRI Instructor register currently has 560 members and remains the only DVSA endorsed registered led by the industry, for the industry.

The NRI is operated by RTITB, the leading standards setting body for workplace transport training, on a not-for-profit basis and is supported by the FTA (Freight Transport Association) and RHA (Road Haulage Association). It is regularly audited by a governance committee to reassure members of quality, standards and neutrality. The committee includes representatives of both large and small logistics, transport and training organisations alongside trade associations.

To apply to take the new Assessor qualification, or to find out more about joining the NRI Instructor register, call Dave Cox on 01952 520210 or email .

Employers can find details of NRI registered Instructors and Assessors, and more information, by visiting .

NRI Announces UK’s First LGV Assessor Qualification

The National Register of LGV Instructors (NRI) has launched a new qualification that will help employers conduct and report on LGV driver assessments more easily. This is the only DVSA endorsed LGV Assessor qualification available across the UK.

Designed for professionals in the transport and logistics industry, the LGV Assessor qualification proves that an individual has the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct and report on driver assessments.

NRI Qualified LGV Assessors can systematically and professionally assess the quality of potential new staff to see if they are suitable for an LGV driving job. They can also assess existing staff members who are prone to accidents or incidents and help define the training needs for future development.

“Many businesses don’t need an onsite instructor, but they do need someone to professionally monitor and assess current and new LGV drivers,” says David Cox, Manager of the National Register of LGV Instructors. “Until now there was no formal recognition for an LGV Assessor role and all it involves.”

While periodic assessments help satisfy company policies, LGV Assessors can also provide mentoring and support to current and prospective drivers, helping to retain staff and improve the quality and efficiency of the workforce.

“The LGV Assessor qualification provides independent evidence of a business’ commitment to high quality, structured LGV driver training,” says David. “It also demonstrates that they are committed to investing in their employees by providing them with a professional, industry recognised qualification that is endorsed by DVSA.”

The Assessor qualification is obtained following a theory test which includes assessment techniques, driving legislation, highway code, eco-safe driving and other topics. Practical driving skills are evaluated for one hour while a role play scenario tests their assessment ability.

Upon successful completion of the examination, candidates will be on the NRI LGV Assessor register for 5 years with access to free technical advice and exclusive professional development opportunities. They will be issued with the NRI LGV Assessor card, and their name will appear on the NRI website.

“The new qualification provides a pathway for drivers wishing to develop their career. Once on the register as an assessor, they can potentially progress to instructor level,” says David. “This is also a great way for employers who have their own on-site driver development team to retain good staff that show potential.”

Launched in 2017, the National Register of LGV Instructors (NRI) is the only DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) endorsed Register led by the industry, for the industry. It is operated by RTITB, supported by the FTA (Freight Transport Association) and RHA (Road Haulage Association) and is run on a not-for-profit basis.

“Our aim is to promote higher standards of LGV instruction and also now assessment and mentoring, and increase the number of registered driver development professionals,” says David.

There are currently over 500+ instructors registered with NRI, and the qualification can only be obtained by taking the examination through an approved NRI examination centre.

For information on the Assessor qualification or to register with the National Register of LGV Instructors, contact or call NRI on 01952 520210.

Meet the NRI Team and Earn CPD at Talent in Logistics 2019

There are just over 80 days to go until Talent in Logistics Conference 2019!

As an event that is dedicated to nurturing the talent and development of those who work in warehousing and logistics, Talent in Logistics has always been an event we’re proud to support.

On 27th June 2019, come see the NRI team at the conference’s Information Zone, an exhibition area that enables attendees to meet with some key suppliers from throughout the industry.
If you’re attending and are new to the NRI, why not speak to us about our new LGV Assessor qualification, the first recognised Assessor qualification to be endorsed by DVSA and supported by the RHA and FTA. The team will be on hand to talk about the benefits of this new qualification, how individuals and employers can get their trainers registered as an NRI Assessor, and how this can be a great career development step for any individuals looking to progress to an Instructor level in the future. We will also be discussing the benefits of becoming an NRI Exam Centre and our growing network of NRI LGV Instructors.

We will have some freebies available throughout the day, so make sure you stop by the NRI stand if you’re attending!

In addition to the Information Zone, which is free to attend, the Talent in Logistics Conference will also be hosting a series of key seminars throughout the day. Access to the seminar sessions costs £95 +VAT per person.

If you’re looking to gain some new knowledge and skills to help you within your role, or you’re been looking for way to earn relevant CPD, why not take a look at the agenda for the day’s seminars? Some key seminars include:

  • Workforce Development – A Success Story: Liz Veasey, Yusen Logistics
  • Employment Engagement – A Success Story: Colin Donnelly, Sainsbury’s Argos
  • 5 Key Principles of Performance: Steve Backley, OBE

For more information on Talent in Logistics, visit the event website here. Book your FREE Information Zone ticket here.

Nominate your Drivers Now – Entries for Talent in Logistics LGV Driver of the Year to Close

For the past two years we have proudly supported the Talent in Logistics Conference and Awards, which is now in its third year.

One of the biggest changes to this year’s awards, along with a revamp of its 15 strong category awards, is the inclusion of a new live competition and award for LGV Driver of the Year. LGV drivers are the face of our industry, their actions shape the image and reputation of their employer and the industry as a whole. As your time as NRI registered LGV Instructors, we’re sure that you’ve come across more than just a few drivers who go above and beyond compliance and safety on the roads.

So why not nominate them now for the LGV Driver of the Year 2019 award?

Once their nomination has been received, they will be invited to take part in a series of live heats in Telford, Shropshire, from the 5th-7th April 2019. The top performing drivers will then be invited to the live grand final of the LGV Driver of Year award, at the Talent in Logistics Conference on 27th June at the Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes (previously MK Arena). Let’s help your drivers get recognised for their hard work!

If you know a driver who demonstrates high levels of professionalism and customers, has a proven track record of driving performance through telematics/driver scorecards, etc; or they possess any other qualities that go above and beyond their role – nominate them now!

In addition to the live competition, the Talent in Logistics Conference will also offer networking opportunities, keynote seminars and an information zone exhibition where members of the NRI team will be speaking with delegates throughout the day. Why not come and see us for the day? Tickets for the exhibition and live competitions are completely free and can be reserved online now.

For any further information on the Talent in Logistics Conference and Awards, visit the official events page here.

Change to Hazard Perception Test

The driving theory hazard perception test has been updated this year to include extreme weather conditions, such as snow, wind, heavy rain, and evening or night settings. The test includes 14 video clips, each showing a number of hazards the driver must note on a computerised system. In a real life scenario, the driver may have to change their speed, change their direction, or make an emergency stop.

The exam aims to test prospective drivers’ reactions to ongoing or developing hazards, so they can competently respond when they’d passed their test in varying conditions. It’s been proven that the hazard testing process prevents and reduces accidents on the roads, and the Department for Transport states that it could be responsible for an 11% reduction in road accidents. Not only does that figure account for a large proportion of drivers, hundreds of lives could have been saved by this initiative.

Mark Winn, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Chief Driving Examiner, stated that ‘DVSA’s priority is to help everyone through a lifetime of safe driving. Every year too many people are injured on our roads by hazards frequently encountered by drivers and we are determined to do more. We know the theory test helps saves lives, so we are using computer-generated imagery (CGI) clips to further improve road safety.’

Figures produced by The Department for Transport state that there were 16,406 accidents in rain, sleet, snow or fog on Britain’s roads in 2017 – highlighting the need for a variety of training. A whopping 205 fatal accidents took place during those weather conditions in the same year, heightening the risk posed to drivers. For example, stopping distances are doubled in rainy conditions; and in icy or snowy weather, it can be as much as ten times more than the normal stopping distance.

Jesse Norman, Road Safety Minister, said that ‘these new hazard perception clips offer more realistic driving conditions to test a learner driver’s ability, preparing them for overcoming the real-life challenges they will face on the road – something that should benefit all road users.’

These will be introduced from the 1st of December for the motorcycle theory test – while lorry, bus, and coach theory examinations will be introduced from early 2019. While these new features are being implemented, the pass mark and scoring hasn’t changed. More information including examples of the new test scenes can be found here.

NRI Christmas Opening Times 2018

With just 2 weeks to go until Christmas, we would like to inform you of the NRI’s opening times during the Christmas break.

We would like to take the time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and say thank you to all of our instructors, exam centres and supporters throughout 2018. The NRI has had another fantastic year and we look forward to working with you all in the New Year.

The NRI office will be closing for Christmas at 3pm on Friday 21st December 2018 and will reopen at 9am on Wednesday 2nd January 2019. If you have any queries during this time, please email them to the NRI team and we will respond to you upon our return to the office.

We wish you all a safe and joyful Christmas and New Year and wish you all the best for 2019.


The NRI team

NRI Governance Committee Update

Following a review of the first year of the NRI, the Governance Committee decided to move to a more interactive way of working which reduces time spent travelling to and attending meetings.

Each quarter the NRI team email the Governance Committee a pack containing an update of the key performance information and read the papers relating to issues or questions where we need your input. Members then read the papers and send the team an email with any queries, comments or advice. Governance Committee members raise and share issues with fellow members by sending items ahead of a quarterly update so that it is included within the papers that are circulated.

Each update contains:

  1. Performance data
  2. A note of actions agreed in previous quarter and how these have been progressed
  3. Any papers related to matters raised by committee members or external events of changes
  4. Any updates to NRI Governance Committee Membership

The Governance Committee will hold one face to face meeting each year where as well as general business, we will receive the audit report from the Freight Transport Association (FTA).

The next updates will be sent to the Governance Committee at:

  • End of August 2018
  • End of November 2018, prior to a face to face meeting
  • End of March 2019

Once the Governance Committee have reviewed the NRI performance data and activity updates, we will publish a quarterly summary on this page.

Training for Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles

In July 2018 new legislation came into force. This allows holders of Category B driving licences to drive commercial vehicles up to 4.25 tonnes where that vehicle is powered by an alternative fuel. 

However, to use this new 4.25 tonnes allowance, a driver must undertake five hours of prior training. This training must be undertaken with an instructor on the National Register of LGV Instructors or the National Vocational Driving Instructors Register and result in the issue of a certificate of training which they must carry. The regulations don’t allow for the derogation to be used during training (on the public highway), so the 5 hours of training will be either classroom based or practical training away from public roads – or a mixture of these.

As the managers of the National Register of LGV Instructors (NRI), RTITB have been asked to work with DfT to develop the process of training and certification. We are therefore seeking early input from you, our customers to gain your views as to the impact and operation of this new AFV allowance.

Fleet Operators, we welcome your feedback on:

As an operator are you planning to introduce AFVs to your fleet?YES/NO
Will you use this allowance as part of preparations for bring the vehicles into the fleet?YES/NO
What % of your driver workforce will be given AFV training?
Do you have in-house NRI instructors able to offer AFV training?YES/NO
Will you need to source training from NRI instructors able to offer AFV training?YES/NO
Should the 5 hours of AFV training be classroom-only?YES/NO
Should the 5 hours of AFV training be in-cab training away from the public roads?YES/NO
Should the 5 hours of AFV training be a mix of in-cab and classroom?YES/NO

Training Providers, we welcome your feedback on:

Do you plan to offer AFV training as a result of this allowance?YES/NO
Have you been asked to provide AFV training since this allowance was announced?YES/NO
Do you have NRI instructors able to offer AFV training?YES/NO
Do you have in-house NRI instructors able to offer AFV training?YES/NO
Should the 5 hours of AFV training be classroom-only?YES/NO
Should the 5 hours of AFV training be in-cab training away from the public roads?YES/NO
Should the 5 hours of AFV training be a mix of in-cab and classroom?YES/NO

Why has this allowance been made?

The current weight limit is 3.5 tonnes, but as alternative fuel technology can weigh more than the drivetrain of a conventional vehicle, operators are left with a payload disadvantage for choosing cleaner fuels. The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) intend this to help fleets introduce vehicles powered by electricity, natural gas, biogas or hydrogen or hydrogen and electricity (multi fuelled).

Let us know your thoughts on the above. Contact the team now.

DVLA Releases Free Guidance for LGV Drivers

The DVLA has produced new guidance leaflets for professional LGV drivers, in order to help both operators and drivers remain compliant with driver rules and regulations.

The guidance has been developed in a bid to help vocational LGV drivers to understand the rules and regulations surrounding their professional role and provide guidance on how they can ensure they comply with these requirements. Developed in partnership with the Freight Transport Association (FTA), Traffic Commissioner for wales, Department for Transport, Road Haulage Association (RHA) and Confederation of Passenger Transport; the guidance also takes a look at the role traffic commissioners play and the influence they have with regards to vocational driving licences. The leaflets also provide further reading, with links to additional sources of information relating to rules and regulations for professional drivers.

The new guidance is a fantastic free tool for Instructors, employers and drivers to digest in a pro-active attempt to keep themselves – and others on the road – safe. Designed to be printed and folded to pocket size, they can act as a handy reminder to drivers on the road – whether kept in the glove compartment, wallet or pocket.

The guidance leaflets are available to view and download from the DVLA website now.

One Week to Go: NRI at Talent in Logistics

The countdown has begun! The Talent in Logistics Conference & Awards 2018 event is only one week away and with our own Rich Brewer judging at the awards we cannot wait to arrive at the Telford International Centre on the 21st June for what is set to be the logistics event of the year.

The Talent in Logistics Awards ceremony aims to celebrate the silent heroes of the industry for their hard work and dedication and with 16 awards up for grabs. We are proud that Rich’s expertise in the industry has been recognised and gives him the opportunity to ensure LGV professionals are acknowledged for all they do, and as sponsor of the LGV instructor of the year award, Rich will be announcing the lucky winner on the night. You can check out the list of lucky finalists here.

Want to be there on the night? Book tickets for the award evening here.

Don’t miss out on the chance to network with industry professionals, peers and the NRI team as we exhibit in the Information Zone. Come along and chat to Rich Brewer and Josh Hazell, our Customer Care Co-ordinator, who will both be on hand to discuss the latest developments in legislation, the industry and our continued goal to helping improving the safety of drivers on the road through our Instructor standards.

Did you know you can also gain 3 CPD hours just by attending the conference? With a no-sales-pitch conference agenda, we can assure you will get the most out of the day and actually learn a thing or two along the way. From the effect of Brexit on the industry to the future of young people carrying on the logistics legacy, there’s something there for you. View the full day’s agenda here.

Tickets are now very limited, so make sure you book your tickets today by clicking here, and secure your place now.