Governance Committee Minutes


Chair: Richard Brewer, NRI Manager (RB)

Committee Membership

RB, as Meeting Chair and Register Manager, welcomed Dan Holland of White Logistics and Storage Ltd to the GC to represent the category of ‘employer of 25-100 drivers’.

Report on match of NRI Exam Centres to DVSA Test Centres

RB reported a review of NRI exam centre coverage and the most-used DVSA Test Centres. This shows good UK coverage but a need for further exam centres covering the Atherton and Bredbury DVSA sites in Manchester and Llantrisant (South East Wales). RB and the NRI team will continue to contact organisations in those areas.

Arrangements for publishing LGV Driving Test Pass Rates

A key objective for the NRI is the publication (via the NRI website) of the test pass rate that can be attributed to individual LGV instructors. We will implement an annual self-reporting process whereby NRI registered instructors submit their ‘pass rate’ for the preceding 12 months to NRI via an email form. This will then be added to the information about each registered instructor published on the NRI website. Alongside this we will show the pass rate of the DVSA Test Centre where that instructor tells us that they normally present candidates. It was agreed that a common anniversary date of March 1st be used, with first data published in April 2018. Data will only be published relating to instructors who have taken more than 30 candidates to test in the preceding 12 months.

Activity Report

RB tabled a summary of current activity this shows that as of 07/09/17 there were:

  • 531 instructors on the register
  • 22 approved examination centres
  • 56 exams conducted and 43 examinations booked

Candidate performance in relation to Highway Code and Legislation is poor. Feedback from candidates is that they recognise that their knowledge is rusty and/or out of date and welcome the reminder that they need to do CPD. Overall the comments and feedback from examination candidates and examination centres show a positive response to the NRI examination process and the rigour of the examination. It was suggested that a trade press article celebrating the first year of NRI be prepared for release in 2018 to include comments from stakeholders, exam centres and candidates.

Promotion of NRI

Text about NRI has been sent to all NRI examination centres for use on their own website to help give clear and consistent message to customers. Exam Centres have been supplied with an NRI Exam Centre logo for their use.

We will investigate whether further references to NRI can/should be added to appropriate areas of the DVSA website and to future editions of DVSA publications aimed at LGV drivers and instructors.

NRI materials

Three new documents to support NRI exam Centres and candidates are being developed:

  • A short guide to the NRI examination for candidates has been prepared.
  • A PowerPoint presentation for use by Examination Centres in preparing for audit and in briefing their own staff has been prepared.
  • A comprehensive preparation pack for examination candidates is being written.

 Next meeting

The next meeting will be in March 2018.



Chair: Richard Brewer, NRI Manager for RTITB;
Present: Robert Hollier, Kuehne and Nagel; Mark Winn, DVSA; Nick Taylor, DVSA, Keith Gray FTA; Steve Ellis, RHA; John Bowman, RTITB.
Apologies: Laurie Moore, Tockwith Training

RB, as Meeting Chair and Register Manager, welcomed KG as the alternate for Sally Gilson and NT who was attending the meeting to provide technical advice on DVSA data. RB provided an update on NRI progress which shows that there are 504 instructors on the NRI and 13 approved examination centres.

NRI Documents

RB reported that the following NRI documents are now approved following Meeting 1:

  • Governance Committee Terms of Reference
  • Examination Centre Criteria
  • Terms and Conditions of NRI Register Membership

JB confirmed that the Governance Committee Terms of Reference had been updated to include the termination clause agreed in Meeting 1. Following discussion it was agreed that the GC membership classes be further revised to remove the ‘member of DVSA VTTAG’ category.

Examiner and Examination Arrangements

RB and NT reported that the arrangements to enable instructors who had been part-qualified on the DVSA register on 31/12/16 to move to the NRI by taking the remaining examination elements are working well.

It was agreed that the NRI Theory Test question bank will not be published, but that if candidates report problems in relation to the format and style of the questions, the NRI should produce example questions and place these on the NRI website.

It was agreed that NRI will prepare a briefing page on the NRI website, for use by candidates and their employers. This will advise on the preparation required for the examination and set out the examination process.

Arrangements for publishing LGV Driving Test Pass Rates

A key objective for the NRI is the publication (via the NRI website) of the test pass rate that can be attributed to individual LGV instructors. It was agreed that NT and JB will review existing DVSA published data and come up with proposal for a robust and meaningful metric for discussion at the Governance Committee meeting in June.

Examination Centres

RB reported good progress in creating the UK network of examination centres, with 13 approved and a good flow of applicants.

RB reported that he plans to run an event for staff from examination centres in early 2018 to give them an opportunity to review NRI and the examination process. He will bring a draft programme to the next meeting.

Promotion of NRI to achieve register growth

It was agreed that all GC members would identify feasible opportunities for their organisation to offer NRI no-cost opportunities to show and distribute information about NRI. All to liaise with RB to identify opportunities during 2017.

SE reported that JB had made a short presentation to the RHA Training Strategy Forum on 8th March 2017. In response to comments and request for information made by TSF members, the following actions were agreed:

  • NRI will provide a comparison of the costs to instructors and others of NRI compared with the former registers
  • NRI will review the website to show more clearly that direct entry (via examination at an NRI examination centre) is permitted.
  • The NRI website content will set out the commitments to publish test pass rates and offer Instructor CPD events.
  • The vacant, unfilled membership category of ‘employer of 25-100 drivers’ will be advertised on the NRI website.

Next meeting
JB will contact all members to identify a date in June 2017 for the next meeting. The provisional venue for that meeting is Tockwith Training, York, YO26 8JX.


6th December 2016 Governance Meeting Minutes

Chair: Richard Brewer, NRI Manager for RTITB;
Present: Mark Winn, DVSA; David Crawford, System Training; Laurie Moore, Tockwith Training; Steve Ellis RHA; John Bowman RTITB.
Sally Gilson, FTA; Robert Hollier, Kuehne and Nagel

Richard Brewer (RB), NRI Register Manager, welcomed members to the first meeting of the Governance Committee. RB explained that the main aim of this first meeting was to agree key documents that will enable RTITB to meet the launch date of Jan 2nd 2017.

Approval of NRI documents

Three documents were presented and discussed;

  • Governance Committee Terms of Reference
  • Terms and Conditions of Register membership
  • NRI Examination Centre Criteria

Minor amendments having been made, RB asked members to email him confirmation that they were content with these documents by 12th December 2016.

Governance Committee Non-Disclosure Agreement

RB asked members to return completed forms to him by email, by 12th December 2016.

NRI update

RB reported that RTITB is already dealing with many enquiries from organisations wishing to be approved as NRI Examination Centres. Committee members noted the importance of securing a network of Centres and asked that NRI ensure the process is as clear and simple as possible and the benefits of becoming a Centre are promoted e.g. via the NRI website.

It was agreed that the Governance Committee will meet quarterly during 2017/18.

It was agreed that all public documents associated with NRI should be available on the website and that a report of each GC meeting be placed on the website.

It was agreed that the NRI website FAQ should contain a question and answer relating to the action that trainee instructors who are part qualified in one of the outgoing registers (DVSA or RTITB register) need to take.

The following items were agreed for the agenda for the next meeting on March 9th 2017;

  • Review of examination and examiner arrangements.
  • Arrangements for publication by NRI of the LGV test pass rates for each LGV instructor.
  • Support for trainee instructors – is the NRI guidance material relating to assessment sufficient?