Following a review of the first year of the NRI, the Governance Committee decided to move to a more interactive way of working which reduces time spent travelling to and attending meetings.

Each quarter the NRI team email the Governance Committee a pack containing an update of the key performance information and read the papers relating to issues or questions where we need your input. Members then read the papers and send the team an email with any queries, comments or advice. Governance Committee members raise and share issues with fellow members by sending items ahead of a quarterly update so that it is included within the papers that are circulated.

Each update contains:

  1. Performance data
  2. A note of actions agreed in previous quarter and how these have been progressed
  3. Any papers related to matters raised by committee members or external events of changes
  4. Any updates to NRI Governance Committee Membership

The Governance Committee will hold one face to face meeting each year where as well as general business, we will receive the audit report from the Freight Transport Association (FTA).

The next updates will be sent to the Governance Committee at:

  • End of August 2018
  • End of November 2018, prior to a face to face meeting
  • End of March 2019

Once the Governance Committee have reviewed the NRI performance data and activity updates, we will publish a quarterly summary on this page.