The National Register of Instructors (NRI) has announced the register will accept transfer from the military Driving Licence Acquisition Instructor (DLAI), effective immediately.

Under the previous DVSA LGV Instructor Register, all military personnel holding a valid DLAI qualification taken within the previous 12 months were able to request entry to the register. As the DLAI qualification was deemed to be of an agreeable standard which had been previously developed with the DVSA.

Following the closure of the DVSA’s register and the launch of the NRI on 1st January this year, the NRI has received a number of calls requesting transfer from the military DLAI. The NRI has made the decision to accept these transfers, upon proof of a current valid DLAI qualification which has been taken within the last 12 months. A standard NRI registration fee of £62.50+VAT will apply.

All DLAI qualification holders who transfer to the NRI will receive an initial expiry date of 5 years from the date they qualified as a DLA instructor. Once transferees have left the military, they will be required to complete all four elements of the NRI examination in order to re-register. All subsequent examinations will be taken in-line with the registration requirements set at that time.

You can email us to request a DLAI transfer form, alternatively for further information call +44(0)1952 520210.