Transferring to the register with a DLAI Qualifcation


If you have an MoD Defence Licence Acquisition Instructor (DLAI) qualification you can join the register without taking the NRI exam. By providing proof of a current DLAI qualification achieved within the last 12 months, you can join the NRI by paying the registration fee of £70+VAT.  You’ll be given an NRI expiry date of 5 years from the date on your DLAI certificate.  At the end of that period, you’ll be able to renew your NRI eligibility by taking the NRI exam in the normal way.

Request a DLAI transfer now.

The benefits of transferring onto the National Register of Instructors are:

  • You can display the National Register Instructor logo on your website and other marketing materials
  • You can prove to customers and potential customers that you hold a highly sought after, professional qualification
  • You can demonstrate that you are committed to high quality, professional LGV driver training
  • You have access to free technical advice and guidance
  • You will receive discounts on products and services from NRI partner organisations
  • You receive an ID card to evidence your success
  • You receive regular industry and legislative updates by email
  • You receive an NRI pen and window sticker