How to Join the Register

join_buttonIn order to become an instructor on the National Register you will first need to pass the 4-part examination at one of the approved exam centres.  There are two ways of doing this:

1. Direct entry by examination

An experienced LGV instructor can join the NRI directly by taking the four part examination detailed below. You will need to select a NRI approved examination centre local to you to take your examination, they can be found here.  In addition to the examination fee, you will need to pay the examination centre fee*. This will vary from centre to centre and will reflect the use of facilities, which could include provision of the LGV in which you take the examination.

*some examination centres may charge an administration fee for examinations. The fee shown is the NRI charge to the exam centre for a 4-part examination for one person

2. Entry by training and examination

You may want to do training before taking your 4 part examination. Even if you are a very experienced LGV Instructor, you may find training helpful as preparation for the examination process, especially if you haven’t been examined or assessed recently. There is no scheme governing this training or the content, so it is important you ask your chosen training provider about their pass rates, standards and processes. You can chose a training provider who is also an NRI approved examination centre as this may be more convenient for you, but is not a requirement.

The examination consists of the following elements:

For each part of the examination there is guidance material, marking details or example role-play scenarios you will encounter in the NRI examination. We recommend  you read this information before deciding whether you will need training before taking the examination.

Part One- Theory Test

90 minutes test, 100 multiple choice questions covering instructional techniques, legislation, The Highway Code and Safe driving and testing. The overall pass mark is 85% and you also need to achieve a minimum of 80% in each of the 4 subject areas.

Download our theory test preparation guidance now.

Part Two – Practical Driving Ability

A minimum one hour drive. You cannot incur any more than 6 driving faults and you must not incur any serious or dangerous faults. You will be asked to do one of two off road exercises (chosen on the day by the examiner).

Download our practical driving ability marking sheet now.

Part Three – In-cab training

A 60-minute role play in-cab training test. Your examination scenario is sent to your chosen examination centre 3 working days before your examination to allow you time to prepare. This test has 3 parts as follows:

  1. 20 minutes – Deliver training for a new skill – 33/47
  2. 20 minutes – Remedial Training for a candidate suffering skill fade – 27/39
  3. 20 minutes – Demonstration drive & commentary ( post test failure) – 51/73

Download the in-cab lessons now

Part Four – Classroom training

A 30-minute role play classroom training test. Your examination scenario is sent to your chosen examination centre 3 working days before your examination to allow you time to prepare. The pass mark is 84/120.

Download the in-class lessons now

Upon successful completion of the examination you will finalise your enrollment by filling out a registration form and agreeing the terms and conditions, before submitting for approval.

Find your nearest exam centre now.


FEESNRI (5 year registration)
Examination (per candidate)£465.00 + VAT
Registration£70.00 + VAT
Online theory re-examination £110.00 + VAT

All prices are subject to VAT.